Our Foundation

Generous Springs combines the generosity training resources and discipleship models of LeaderSource, RightNow Media, and GenerousChurch. We continue to adapt various leadership resources for a Nigerian ministry context.

Our Values

  • worship & prayer
  • peacemaking & restoration
  • evangelism & discipleship
  • wisdom & maturity
  • family health & generosity

Our Passions

Abundant Life in Christ

We liberate our disciples from the scarcity mindsent and build disciples on an abundant life in Christ.

Dependence on Christ

We help disciples and leaders practice a lifestyle of prayer and devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ and walking with the Holy Spirit.

Generous Businesses

We train business leaders and their teams to live generously, weaving biblical generosity into their organizations.

Generosity Champions

We colabor with our Generosity Champions to nurture whole life generosity in individuals, families, teams, churches, schools, and organizations.

Generous Churches

We train pastors how to move their congregations from a focus on fundraising to generous giving.

Generous Disciples

Through prayer, training, and mentoring, we build disciples whose identity, lifestyle, and character flow out of intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

Gospel Healing

We teach about the dangers and destruction of the scarcity mindset and the Prosperity False Gospel that pervade Nigerian culture. We guide disciples to understand the Bible’s wisdom on a healthy, abundant life in Christ and whole life generosity.

Healthy Politics

We help Christians who serve in government positions to serve their communities, cities, and nations with a biblical worldview as healthy and generous disciples.

Enger, Nigeria
Uyo, Nigeria
Youth Ministry
Receiving training certificates


Generous Springs is a Nigerian non-governmental organization (NGO) and a ministry dedicated to raising up generous disciples of Jesus Christ who will multiply across Nigeria and throughout all of Africa, reflecting what God has already done in Acts 2 & 4, and 2 Corinthians 8:1-5.