CEO/Founder Anyanime Bio

Anyanime Umoren, President Founder

Anyanime grew up in a polygamous family in the Inen Ikot Eteye village of the Niger Delta. His mother dedicated him to the Lord from a young age, and Anyanime was born again and baptized in 1994. Anyanime received a calling to missions as a teenager, and as a young man, he helped lead a spiritual revival on his university campus and his home village.

Anyanime’s career experiences include leadership within multiple businesses and ministries including the Mennonite Church, House of Favour Fellowship, Shell Petroleum, the Petroleum Industry Christian Fellowship, LeaderSource International, and RightNOW Media.

Anyanime founded Generous Springs in 2021. This ministry is born out of the deep passion of his heart to build and unleash generous disciples of Jesus Christ who will provide leadership throughout the various spheres of life: family, community, church, schools, organizations, and nations.

Anyanime wants to heal the scarcity mindset of Nigerian culture and lead others from a heart of generosity. Generous Springs trains leaders and churches on, “Whole Life Generosity”: the antidote to the false Prosperity Gospel which corrupts and plagues the Nigerian Church and robbing us of the True Gospel of Jesus Christ and prevents the healthy expansion of the Kingdom of God.

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