Trustee Emma’s Bio

Okebe Emmanuel Okebe, Trustee/Board Member

Emma is a kingdom-minded servant of Jesus Christ. His experience in his walk with the Lord spans over four and half decades. He is a man with vast exposure to many fields of life. He is a well-informed educator with a tint in Chemistry and Physics Education. He later switched his studies from the natural sciences to the social sciences, obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration and a Masters Degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy from both Abia State and Imo State University in Nigeria respectively.

Emmanuel is an eloquent speaker and well-versed in knowledge and practical application of God’s Word. He is lavishly gifted in the teaching of the New Testament doctrines especially on the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and whole-life generosity. He is a perennial teacher in Building Healthy Leaders, Building Healthy Churches, Building Healthy Families, the secret to financial freedom and the spirit of entrepreneurship. He had served with LeaderSource SGA Elkhart, Indiana USA and LeaderSource Capacity Building Initiative Nigeria as a Regional coordinator. 

Emma also worked in the secular financial world as a banker. His professional banking experience spans over two decades of meritorious service and innovation until his voluntary retirement to take on pastoral and missionary service for the Gospel of Christ. Emma has a disposition for innovative solution proffering. One of his initiatives was to solve the problem that candidates face in Nigeria while obtaining educational forms from examination bodies like WAEC (West African Examination Council) and JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board). From this solution to domicile form obtainment in his bank, his organization became a monopolist in this, providing efficient and courteous services to the benefit of both candidates and the examination bodies. In more than a decade, his bank monopolized this serendipitous opportunity to maximize profitability.

Emma lives in Owerri, the Imo State capital in Nigeria. He married as a believer in 1995 and is blessed with a son and two daughters who are twins. He has travelled to to many parts of Nigeria , Africa , India and south East Asia . Take time to listen to his teachings on “whole-life generosity” and enjoy the power of his unique gift and anecdotes that keep you alive and yearning for more.

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